26 November, 2019 – SINGAPORENexus FrontierTech Advisor and Board Member Jennifer Lewis has been named a Female Champion by the FWA – Financial Women’s Association Singapore. The FWA drives professinalism in the financial sector, with special emphasis on the role of women and the education and development of future female leaders.

Earlier this month, the FWA held their Female Champions Launch Event, where they introduced 50 women in senior leadership positions who have committed to initiatives that support women who seek success on both the professional and personal fronts. These Champions pledge to provide mentorship via the FWA mentoring program, support gender diversity in their workplace through events in partnership with FWA, and advise the FWA on gender issues in the workplace, amongst other activities.

Jennifer Lewis

¨I am honoured to be a initiated as a FWA Female Champion,¨ says Jennifer. ¨Gender diversity in the workplace is imperative not only for the success of businesses but for the success of men, women and families as a whole. What’s inspired me so much about the FWA is meeting so many like-minded women and seeing how they are championing gender diversity in highly-demanding work environments but also balancing personal and family life. These are women who are brave enough to ask for help and give help where needed.¨

Lewis was formerly a Managing Director with GIC where she was responsible for the strategic management of GIC’s internal and external communication activities. Before that she had been a journalist for over twenty years across the broadcast, print, and online platforms. She joined the Nexus FrontierTech Board as investor and advisor in the fall of 2019 and is playing an integral part aiding in the RegTech’s communications and public relations strategy.

Lewis adds, ¨I’m thrilled to be working with Nexus FrontierTech and advising them in their journey of growth. Nexus already has a very strong female presence, with over 70% of their global team and 50% of their management team being female. I’m looking forward to doing what I can to help them bring their cutting-edge solutions to enterprises all over the globe.¨

Nexus FrontierTech is a London-based Intelligent Automation firm that has positioned itself as a leading RegTech-focused solutions company whose team is at the intersection of technology and business.  With a foundation in serving financial institutions, Nexus has zoned in on the most pressing and costly challenges facing the industry today: compliance and business growth. With a strong track record deploying solutions for clients in the APAC region and having recently secured a 3-year contract with a large global bank with a presence in 76 countries, Nexus has recently secured $3.8M seed fund to propel its expansion into the US and European market.

19 November 2019, LONDON London-based Nexus FrontierTech, an AI solutions firm specialising in modernising data-intensive processes within the regulatory and compliance realm (RegTech), announced that it has closed a $3.8M seed round to propel its R&D and global expansion.


Nexus, founded in 2015, builds configurable, scalable AI and Intelligent Automation solutions to help businesses streamline operations and tackle the issues of inefficiency and data waste. The company also boasts a proprietary AI automation platform that enterprises can use to shorten the implementation cycle of production-level AI models from months to within hours.


The funding round was led by a family office based in Geneva, Switzerland, followed by a number of private investors, which include Nick Fry, former CEO of Mercedes AMG Petronas F1, Jennifer Lewis, former Managing Director of GIC, Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund, and Tom Yoritaka, former Managing Director of Cisco Global Ventures.  A number of these investors are also on the firm’s Advisory Board and heavily involved in the company’s expansion and growth strategies.


The newly acquired funding will be used to amp up the company’s R&D capabilities, playing a key role in an aggressive global growth strategy to help companies accelerate digital transformation.

Danny Goh, CEO


¨One of the major pain points any enterprise will face is the inefficient use of labour to manage repetitive, manual and error-prone processes that involve the extraction and checking of unstructured data,¨ explains CEO Danny Goh. ¨Through intelligent automation, we free up capacity so people can focus on the important tasks – dealing with anomalies, generating business insights and making decisions. With the support of our investors, we can now ramp up our efforts in reaching as many clients as we can.¨


With a strong track record deploying solutions for clients in the APAC region and having recently secured a 3-year contract with a UK-based global bank, Nexus has positioned itself as a RegTech-focused AI firm whose team is at the intersection of technology and business.  With a foundation in serving financial institutions, Nexus has zoned in on the most pressing and costly challenges facing the industry today: compliance and business growth.


̈Our immediate goal is to bring our tested, enterprise-ready technology to as many clients as we can,̈ says Danny. ¨Having acquired actual implementation experience in deploying live AI systems, we know what our team is capable of. When it comes to compliance, we’re seeing the financial services industry move their focus away from merely meeting regulatory needs to aligning compliance with growth initiatives.¨


With investment secured, Nexus is more ready than ever to grow their footprint in the UK and US markets, and now tap into the immense business opportunities in Asia, with their eyes set on Singapore as a financial and technological hub.





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About Nexus FrontierTech

Nexus FrontierTech London-based AI solutions firm specialising in the transformation of data-intensive processes within the regulatory and compliance realm (RegTech) and is headquartered in the UK, where sales and operations are expanding, with a large production office of over 100 strong in Vietnam and a growing R&D team based out of Japan. Whilst industry agnostic, many clients are in the financial services space and are seeking to streamline their operations.

17 July 2019 – Nexus FrontierTech co-founders Danny Goh, Terence Tse, Ph.D and Mark Esposito, Ph.D sat down to talk about their newly released Amazon best-seller, The AI Republic: Building the Nexus Between Humans and Intelligent Automation with Author Hour’s Rae Williams.

In the 30-minute podcast the founders discussed many topics within the realm of artificial intelligence, including how AI should not be seem as an ¨all-seeing master, but a functional tool that must be combined with the intelligence we possess in order to be effective.¨

The three describe how their experiences owning and running a successful AI solutions company gave them the perfect background and experience to create something that could be used for training, academic work and events alike.

One of the main objectives in creating this piece of work, explains Terence, was to debunk popular myths about what AI can and cannot do.

¨A lot of people have different interpretations of what AI is and some people still think AI is Terminator stuff. That idea pushed us to look at writing a book that could help people understand what AI really is. In Europe, a lot of companies are still really struggling with how to put AI into their business operations and activities.¨

For CEO Danny Goh, the biggest reason for writing the book was to lessen the gap between the technology side of things and the business side of things.

¨I do realize that this technology is a big breakthrough in terms of what it can do to mankind. However, there is a big risk in what we can create in the lab and what is actually needed by the commercial world. We are not talking about tomorrow, we are really talking about how we can help the business world today to improve their operations, through how to help businesses run better, and how to create innovation.¨

But the book does not simply touch upon the fallacies of AI and its role in business. Chief Learning Officer Mark Esposito also commented on the government’s role in AI-adoption, and the importance of evolving education-styles in a future that’s bound to see prevalent use of this technology.

¨If you have a country that doesn’t have potential with this technology, it will be difficult for this country to attract investors to participate in trade. We see this as one of those make it or break it technologies that will not necessarily change everything overnight, but has the potential to be as disruptive as other inventions, such as the telephone or the internet.¨

When speaking on future generations he adds, ¨The idea is to create a different kind of human being capable of working with technology, without feeling that technology and people have to be a tradeoff. We like to imagine the symbio-intelligence, rather than having this idea that robots will take over.¨

To listen to the full podcast, click here.

Author Hour features enlightening conversations about books with the authors that wrote them. Each week, Author Hour shares ideas and stories from a new book, through an in-depth conversation with the author. They cover all types of non-fiction: business, fitness, investing, self-help, and more. Listeners will get an entertaining and useful summary of each book, in a fraction of the time.

HANOI – 1st April 2019 – IT Viec, a leading job site in Vietnam specialising in matching IT jobs with highly qualified candidates, has just named Nexus FrontierTech the #7 Best IT Company in Vietnam for 2019.


Nexus joins the ranks of companies such as business accelerator NFQ Asia, Absolute Software Corporation, and ZALORA Group, the South Pacific’s leading online fashion destination.


The list, consisting of 15 of the country’s most ambitious and worker-friendly IT companies, was released last Thursday, 28th March.  Every year the online job site gathers over 8,000 reviews from both current and former employees to assess satisfaction and recommendation rates for each company.  Top-ranked companies typically boast high ratings for compensation and benefits packages, work and office environment, work-life balance, and professional development, among other things.



Nexus had an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5, with 93% of reviewers recommending the AI solutions company as a place to work. Comments from reviewers mentioned a ¨dynamic and comfortable environment with ability to work remotely, a ¨management team with good expertise and experience,¨ and many opportunities for non senior-level employees to learn and develop. 


¨We always try to create an environment that feels like a second home to our members, one where you’ll actually enjoy coming to work everyday,¨ says Hayley Nguyen, Country Director at Nexus FrontierTech. ¨We want our team to feel safe when sharing their opinions, and we honour ownership and transparency at our core.¨


To see the full list of winners, visit

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Nexus FrontierTech Joins London Stock Exchange Group ELITE Programme

LONDON – 17 Sept. 2018 – Today the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) announced the addition of Nexus Frontier Tech to its business support and capital-raising programme, ELITE.

Nexus joins 8 of the UK’s most ambitious business ventures to take part in this programme meant to prepare and structure them for the next stage of growth with access to long term financing opportunities, specialist business education and a growing network of experts and the ELITE community.

Head of ELITE UK & Licensing Umerah Akram welcomed the new ELITE CEOs to open trading in London Monday morning. ¨I am delighted to welcome the latest group of companies to ELITE, a clear demonstration of the UK’s ability to grow great businesses. ELITE is committed to giving the business stars of the future the very best chance to succeed, providing them with access to relevant expertise and capital. ELITE continues to grow as a unique and vibrant community of dynamic entrepreneurs, advisers, investors and business leaders from the UK, Europe and around the world.¨

Danny Goh, CEO Nexus Frontier Tech, attending the ELITE event.

¨Nexus is at the stage where it has enjoyed significant growth. This programme will help us carry that growth into the future by giving us access to advisory support and a great capital market network. Joining this community will no doubt be invaluable in our journey to bring AI solutions to businesses across the globe,¨ said Nexus CEO Danny Goh.

The latest UK ELITE intake brings the total number of global community members to over 900 business, generating over £50 billion in combined revenues.

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About Nexus Frontier Tech:

Nexus Frontier Tech is a London-based tech company specialising in the integration of AI solutions into their clients’ existing systems and processes, helping them save time, money and resources by employing solutions that tackle the issues of inefficiencies and data waste. Their primary market includes large companies primarily in the financial services industry looking to streamline their operations.


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