Making AI accessible to everyone

RubikAI’s missions are to make AI accessible to everyone and foster a strong AI ecosystem in Vietnam. In the last 3 years, rubikAI has made a significant impact on Vietnam’s deep tech ecosystem of tech enthusiasts, startups, corporates and community-builders.


tech enthusiasts have been impacted


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world-renowned experts and advisors


rubikTRAIN aims to maximize AI literacy. With our problem-based learning (PBL) method, learners acquire the AI know-how along with career orientation backed by our network of renowned experts and business partners.

Vietnam Frontier Summit

An annual event connecting all stakeholders in the deep tech start-up ecosystem. Vietnam Frontier Summit is only 2 years running, but attracted over 3600 attendees to its 2018 event alone.

Hanoi AI Week

Bringing together deep tech enthusiasts from all across the SEA region to participate in a week-long event centered around networking, discussion panels, presentations and activities with the intention of furthering the AI ecosystem in the region.

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