*Workshop* From Ideation to Digital Transformation: How to achieve ROI with AI

Nexus FrontierTech
Nexus FrontierTech
9 September 2020
*Workshop* From Ideation to Digital Transformation: How to achieve ROI with AI

Many corporates understand how important it is to employ AI technologies into their businesses.

However, many decision-makers have trouble knowing where to start.

On exploring AI technologies, executives may find themselves lost in the jungles of AI applications which all promise to transform their businesses. This notion, combined with the idea that million dollar investment is needed, oftentimes holds enterprises back from kickstarting their AI initiatives. This results in a delay of their AI adoption journey, making them lag behind their peers.

This interactive workshop will give corporate executives the knowledge and skill-set needed to successfully kickstart and validate AI projects within their businesses. Through lectures from experienced practitioners, hands-on exercises, exchanges with your peers and a deep-dive into a real life case study, you will return to work with the competencies needed to really start turning your business into an AI-ready one.


Upon completion of this workshop you will:

  • Demystify AI technologies and gain an understanding of how to overcome the overstated challenges of AI projects
  • Learn the capabilities of AI, and the most important domains that need to be considered when evaluating technology-adoption
  • Create your own AI Business Design in order to evaluate business cases for AI adoption
  • Learn how to not only capture data for AI projects, but also create a complete Data Strategy to maximise the value of AI in your business
  • Learn how to choose and work with an AI vendor to achieve maximum efficiency


Who should attend?

  • Executives and decision-makers involved in their enterprise’s Digital Transformation/Innovation initiatives who want to better understand AI capabilities and what is needed to validate and kickstart an AI project
  • Anyone wanting to learn to develop AI adoption strategy for their business


Course Syllabus

  • Module 1: The Misconceptions of AI: What You Think You Know About AI is Wrong
    Understand the biggest misconceptions about AI and how these misconceptions are holding you back from adopting deep tech into your enterprise. Learn why AI models don’t need to be perfect for success, why a traditional waterfall project management style is not effective for AI projects, and why you don’t need to have a deep understanding of AI technologies to deploy a successful project.
  • Module 2: AI Capabilities: What AI Can & Cannot Do
    Understand what AI technologies can and cannot do, and how to determine if a business case can be made for these technologies. Learn from four examples of successful AI business designs and the four primary domains that need to be considered: Cost Reduction, Risk Prediction, Revenue Increase, and UX Enhancement. Learners will also take part in a Virtual Problem Setting brainstorm activity with peers.
  • Module 3: Data Strategy: Get It Right the First Time
    Learn how to define what type of data will help your team reach their goals and how to properly manage this data to ensure it’s used both effectively and efficiently by creating a Data Strategy Diagram. Participants will also learn from an in-depth case study on how one company created a data strategy that led to the successful deployment of their AI project.
  • Module 4: Working with AI Vendors: What Makes a Good AI Solutions Partner
    Learn what to look for and what to be wary of when outsourcing AI model-production, and best practices for working in tandem with an AI vendor to ensure efficiency and transparency throughout the duration of your AI project timeline.


Your Instructors

Hajime Hotta, PhD – Chief AI Scientist @ Nexus FrontierTech Hajime Hotta is a serial entrepreneur who has had several successful ventures in Japan. He invented and led the core product at Cirius Technologies, which was acquired by Yahoo Japan. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and a strong academic background in AI and AI-web application.

Danny Goh – CEO @ Nexus FrontierTech Danny is a serial entrepreneur and an early-stage investor. He currently serves as an Entrepreneurship Expert at the Said Business School and is an advisor and judge to several technology start-ups and accelerators including Microsoft Accelerator, Startupbootcamp IoT, and LBS Launchpad. Danny has extensive experience helping enterprises adopt business-wide AI solutions.


About Nexus FrontierTech

Founded in 2015, Nexus FrontierTech was created with the vision of bridging the gap between developers and business professionals and raising awareness of the benefits of AI in solving common problems in enterprises.

We are a team of 100+ researchers, analysts and business leaders with a strong track record of success across several industries, with a particular focus on highly-regulated activities where the need for quick and valuable impact is greatest.


Additional Information:

Duration: 3 hours
Location: 100% Online
Group Special (minimum of 3): USD $84 (35% discount)  – *Note: To register a group of 3 or more please contact [email protected]
Standard price: USD $130

*Note: Maximum 20 participants per workshop. Registration will be closed once the number of participants is reached.

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