HSBC Partners with Nexus FrontierTech to Automate Internal Sales Review Process

HSBC Partners with Nexus FrontierTech to Automate Internal Sales Review Process

LONDON – June 5, 2019 – HSBC Group announced their partnership with Nexus FrontierTech, a London-based AI startup specializing in the integration of advanced machine learning automation into enterprise, at the annual CogX Festival of AI and Emerging Technology on June 11th at Kings Cross, London.


Nexus has worked closely with HSBC’s data analytics and sales quality team over the past year developing machine learning solutions for the automization of the bank’s internal compliance activities to improve the speed and accuracy of their sales quality review process.  This is the first solution of its kind to be deployed within the bank’s sales quality department and is on track to achieving an estimated jump from just 10-15% of sales checked to 100% with near-perfect accuracy and a decrease in review time from 90 minutes per review to 10.


After successful testing and a planned deployment for later this year, HSBC, principal partner of the 2019 CogX summit, has made the decision to continue their collaboration with Nexus for the foreseeable future.


Nexus CEO Danny Goh


HSBC executives shared the collaboration alongside Nexus CEO Danny Goh during their June 11th session,¨Using AI to Safeguard Customers and Empower Colleagues,̈  giving attendees an inside glimpse into how AI capabilities were being harnessed to improve internal workflows and benefit customers.


CogX  is one of the largest annual AI and emerging technology summits in the world, with an attendance of over 15,000 tech buffs hailing from industry, government, and academia.  The summit will have 10 main stages, showcasing industry leaders speak on topics such as Ethics in AI, the Future of Work, Web 3.0, and the most innovative emerging technologies expected to change the nature of science in upcoming years.


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