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Intern – Fundraising


About Nexus Frontier Tech

Nexus Frontier Tech makes AI easy for organisations by using natural language processing to transform idle information into structured data, enabling them to run better, leaner, and faster. We have been working with numerous large corporate clients in Asia and the Middle East since 2015, and in the UK since 2018.

Our team is made up of over 70 full time researchers and engineers as well as a diverse network of experts including well-regarded AI scientists and researchers, computational scientists, industry professionals, serial entrepreneurs and renowned thinkers.




As an Intern at Nexus Frontier Tech, you will be joining us to work in teams or directly with our clients or our investors. You will assist us to find potential investors. In this specific instance, we are looking for an intern to work with the founders and senior team assisting in our upcoming series A fundraising.


What You’ll Do


You will be providing support in three main parts:


  • You will work with Nexus team to understand the business and prepare documents for upcoming series A including Pitch memo, financial stats, business plan etc.
  • You will research and connect with agree list of potential investors managing communications, arranging meetings, assisting with presentations and information flow ensuring any requests are dealt with in a timely fashion.
  • You will work with investors and legal and tax advisors to agree terms and ensure successful completion of round.


Throughout the internship, you will learn a great deal about the latest development of AI and intelligent automation, gain experience on conducting consulting work, hone your project management skills, as well as polishing both verbal and written communication skills.


You will be working both remotely or in our London office together with the team, owning a distinct piece of the project. You will be given a high degree of autonomy as long as you complete all the required tasks.



You Are


  • Resilient. You are cool under pressure and comfortable adapting to new circumstances in a dynamic and demanding work environment.
  • A do-er and a decision maker. You will rarely have all the answers or data points in a live deployment, but it is your job to bring in the right stakeholders, then make a decision that will impact the project.
  • Emotionally intelligent. You can talk to people from different backgrounds and with varying levels of tech know-how (engineering, commercial, product, design). You are able to understand different points of view, motivations and thought processes, then arrive at a cohesive solution that aligns everyone’s objectives
  • Curious about tech automation. We deploy our solutions in technically complex environments. You are willing to dive deep into the workflows of our clients and understand how Nexus Frontier Tech can bring value to them
  • Driven and growth-oriented. You put effort into whatever it is you take up and don’t like doing things (whether it’s college, work or hobbies) in half-measures
  • Meticulous. You stay on top of details, record-keeping and timelines. You know that without communication, products and processes break down.




Subject to confirmation, we strive to cover meals and public transport.


Start date




How to apply


Along with applying via the link on this page, please send an email with your CV and cover letter to [email protected] with the title ¨Fundraising Intern.¨

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