Nexus Board Member and Advisor Jennifer Lewis Named FWA Female Champion

Nexus Board Member and Advisor Jennifer Lewis Named FWA Female Champion

26 November, 2019 – SINGAPORENexus FrontierTech Advisor and Board Member Jennifer Lewis has been named a Female Champion by the FWA – Financial Women’s Association Singapore. The FWA drives professinalism in the financial sector, with special emphasis on the role of women and the education and development of future female leaders.

Earlier this month, the FWA held their Female Champions Launch Event, where they introduced 50 women in senior leadership positions who have committed to initiatives that support women who seek success on both the professional and personal fronts. These Champions pledge to provide mentorship via the FWA mentoring program, support gender diversity in their workplace through events in partnership with FWA, and advise the FWA on gender issues in the workplace, amongst other activities.

Jennifer Lewis

¨I am honoured to be a initiated as a FWA Female Champion,¨ says Jennifer. ¨Gender diversity in the workplace is imperative not only for the success of businesses but for the success of men, women and families as a whole. What’s inspired me so much about the FWA is meeting so many like-minded women and seeing how they are championing gender diversity in highly-demanding work environments but also balancing personal and family life. These are women who are brave enough to ask for help and give help where needed.¨

Lewis was formerly a Managing Director with GIC where she was responsible for the strategic management of GIC’s internal and external communication activities. Before that she had been a journalist for over twenty years across the broadcast, print, and online platforms. She joined the Nexus FrontierTech Board as investor and advisor in the fall of 2019 and is playing an integral part aiding in the RegTech’s communications and public relations strategy.

Lewis adds, ¨I’m thrilled to be working with Nexus FrontierTech and advising them in their journey of growth. Nexus already has a very strong female presence, with over 70% of their global team and 50% of their management team being female. I’m looking forward to doing what I can to help them bring their cutting-edge solutions to enterprises all over the globe.¨

Nexus FrontierTech is a London-based Intelligent Automation firm that has positioned itself as a leading RegTech-focused solutions company whose team is at the intersection of technology and business.  With a foundation in serving financial institutions, Nexus has zoned in on the most pressing and costly challenges facing the industry today: compliance and business growth. With a strong track record deploying solutions for clients in the APAC region and having recently secured a 3-year contract with a large global bank with a presence in 76 countries, Nexus has recently secured $3.8M seed fund to propel its expansion into the US and European market.

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