A large global bank’s UK sales quality (SQ) team reviewed the sale of financial products to ensure regulatory compliance. Only 10%-15% of sales were actually checked, with a group of over 120 reviewers manually reviewing 10+ data sources each. Each review took roughly 90 minutes to complete.


This labour-intensive process left the bank with a higher level of compliance risk, resulting in various faults and errors in unchecked cases going uncorrected. The accuracy levels were also of concern, as inconsistency and potential oversights were made due to human involvement. Lastly, the entire process was slow, with time-consuming reviews and delayed feedback.


In order to improve the speed of the bank’s review process and exceed the statutory review quota, Nexus proposed to automate this internal process to make checks faster, more comprehensive, and with a higher speed and accuracy by checking 100% of samples and conducting verifications in real-time using AI models to reach near 100% accuracy levels.  All this enabled the elimination of the backlog of checks, ultimately moving them to the point of sale.


Nexus successfully helped the global bank standardise and reduce the time spent in their internal sales quality process, check 100% of sales with near-perfect accuracy, free-up their employees’ capacity, and improve customer service.

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