Meet Nexus: Global Marketing Manager Tiffany Moore

Meet Nexus: Global Marketing Manager Tiffany Moore

Tiffany Moore is Nexus FrontierTech’s Global Marketing Manager, a role she took on in May of 2018. She is a Los Angeles native with a background in Communications and Journalism from Loyola Marymount University and has worked in variety of sectors such as entertainment, online gaming, and higher education. Tiffany has extensive experience working around the globe in countries such as Ghana, Malaysia, South Africa, The Bahamas, and Spain and is responsible for the coordination of global marketing efforts of Nexus’ worldwide presence.


Your background is in Journalism and you’ve worked in a number of sectors in your career including higher education, gaming, and entertainment. What drew you into the deep tech field?


To be honest I really just fell into it. I studied Communications and Journalism in university and, just like any other L.A. native, I envisioned myself working in the news or entertainment sector. I was fortunate enough to get my foot in television and radio, but soon realized the industry wasn’t for me. After graduating I moved to Spain to learn Spanish and began working in a Finnish gaming company, which I enjoyed, as it allowed me to interact directly with consumers. From there I switched to the higher education field at IE Business School, where I was introduced to Mark Esposito, co-founder of Nexus. We got to talking and after learning about the company, its mission and vision, I knew I had to be a part of it. The rest is history, as they say.

It seems as though this is your first experience with a startup. How are you finding it?


Yes, it sure is and it’s definitely a challenge! Startups work at such a rapid pace, you’ve hardly time to blink before the next deliverable is due, the next change needs to be made, or the next campaign needs to be launched. But that is the beauty of it. Working at Nexus is allowing me to dabble in a number of different roles and responsibilities that would be almost impossible in other more vertical companies. Having that ownership, knowing your work has a direct impact on the growth of the company, is very rewarding.  

Another challenge is Nexus’ global aspect. We have teams in London, Vietnam, Bangkok, Tokyo and Boston. Trying to manage effective communication with team members all over the world isn’t easy, but we’re doing it and simultaneously growing. That shows you how agile this company really is.


What do you think is the biggest challenge for AI firms when communicating the benefits to their audience?


I think the term AI has been used as a buzzword in recent years. It’s become a hot topic, which is a positive thing, but unfortunately too many firms have claimed themselves ¨AI-driven companies¨ when they really aren’t. The majority of firms haven’t been able to walk the walk when it comes to providing enterprise-wide solutions using AI, usually lacking the capabilities to integrate their models with the enterprises’ existing systems.  


At Nexus, our teams work directly with clients to identify their pain-points and develop bespoke solutions that take into account the context and lens that these companies look through when analysing and sorting their data.  Value isn’t added using a 1 size fits all approach.


What do you consider Nexus’ biggest strength?


Our talent, without a doubt. We have a team of over 100+ engineers, scientists, project and product managers and researchers who are truly passionate about their work. Coming from a very corporate professional background, seeing the energy, the pure grit of our team came as a shock to me. This isn’t a typical 9 to 5 for us, it’s a way of life, and we share in each others’ success.


What do you hope to contribute as Nexus’ Global Marketing Manager?


I hope to effectively communicate the passion that Nexus has for the tech industry, its clients, and AI education and training to the world. This isn’t just about generating leads or gaining followers. This is about Nexus becoming a trusted partner for enterprises, AI vendors and AI engineers who want to make the world a better place using the latest that technology and research has to offer. This is about community-building and fostering AI talents and up-and-comers. The excitement that we have here internally at Nexus…I want others to feel it.


Describe yourself in 1 word.




Describe Nexus in 1 word.



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