Nexus FrontierTech and UK’s Office of AI Collaborate

Nexus FrontierTech and UK’s Office of AI Collaborate

18 October, 2019, London, United Kingdom – Nexus FrontierTech and the UK Government’s Office of AI, acting under the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), have collaborated to spread insight into the power of artificial intelligence in both the private and public sectors.


On Friday the DCMS published a Nexus FrontierTech-produced case study on how a UK-based global bank used AI to enhance operational efficiency. This case study joins a collection the Office of AI has published to provide delivery teams ¨more specific guidance on the different considerations for projects with AI components,¨ drawing on best practice from both the commercial and public sectors.


The UK Government is currently ranked second globally in terms of AI readiness and in the top three countries globally in the development of AI technologies, putting the nation in prime position to leverage these advancements for economic growth.



For more information on the DCMS’s efforts, visit their website.
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