rubikAI: Training and networking hub for AI ecosystem

rubikAI: Training and networking hub for AI ecosystem

Hanoi, Vietnam – Nexus FrontierTech has proudly launched rubikAI, spearheading AI training and community-building in the Southeast Asian region.


Previously known as Innovatube, Nexus FrontierTech has already established itself as a hub for fostering AI talents in the Asian region. Since its inception 3 years ago, the company has gathered over 6000 attendees in their summits, workshops and hackathons, bringing together hundreds of scientists, engineers, educators and AI enthusiasts alike.  They have been especially active in the local startup ecosystem, running an active platform for local entrepreneurs and continually investing in small companies with big visions for the future of AI. These efforts now fall under the initiative’s rubikHUB category.


In 2019, rubikHUB will continue their community-building activities with Hanoi AI Week, a series of events co-hosted with the top AI companies in Vietnam that will be open to anyone wanting to join, and the Vietnam AI Summit, where decision-makers and business leaders will gather to discuss opportunities and challenges of the AI ecosystem in Vietnam and the region.


The startup is now also offering face-to-face courses taking place in Ha Noi, Vietnam, with the aim of maximizing AI literacy under rubikTRAIN. These courses are accessible to anyone, regardless of having a technical background or not. Using the problem-based learning (PBL) method, participants will acquire the AI know-how along with career orientation backed by their network of renowned experts and businesses.


Students attended the the first class of rubikAI’s Fundamentals Course in Ha Noi on 3 January 2019


The course offerings include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Recommender System, Computer Vision, and even a 6-week Fundamentals Course, meant for beginners with no technical background, but are thinking of pursuing a career in AI. There will also be 1-day training programs, or Bootcamps, for growth hacking. Each Bootcamp’s content will vary and be suitable for participants with or without a tech background.


¨We’re already quite recongnised in the region for building a strong AI community, and especially for the support we give to ambitious deep tech startups, so the idea of rubikHUB came quite easily,¨ says Nexus FrontierTech CEO and rubikAI Director Danny Goh. ¨What’s really new and exciting for us is the launch of rubikTRAIN. Technology is moving at such a rapid pace that it’s critical to develop talent that is equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to make these technological capabilities applicable in a business climate. Over the years we’ve gathered so much experience that it was only natural for us to share this experience with other AI enthusiasts.¨


For more information about rubikAI, visit, or send an email to [email protected]

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