Rapid Assessment

Explore the technical feasibility and business potential of automating data extraction in a de-risked manner and have your questions answered under 6 weeks


Why Rapid Assessment?

Fast results

Fast results

Quick assembling of any Document AI model within 4-6 weeks

Money-back guarantee

Money-back guarantee

If agreed target accuracy not met

Ready to scale

Ready to scale

Nothing in the Rapid Assessment is wasted; fully reusable when scaling up and upgrading to an enterprise-level solution

Low effort, high visibility

Low effort, high visibility

Nexus works autonomously with regular reporting to ensure minimum user effort with maximum accountability

Key product features

1 IDP model

00. 1 IDP model

Nexus assembles a customised IDP model within 4-6 weeks. Each model serves 1 type of Document (e.g. Payslip, Bank Statement, Bond Prospectus, Internal Memo, etc)

10 extraction points

01. 10 extraction points

We’ll work with you to define up to 10 data points to ensure the exercise is meaningful yet manageable

Small sample data required

02. Small sample data required

We typically require a representative sample data set of at least 50-100 documents for model training. Not sure if you have enough? Nexus can help augment your data sample through synthetic data creation - all part of the Rapid Assessment

Independent validation

03. Independent validation

To ensure you get as much out of this activity as possible, Nexus provides a web application for your users to upload data and validate the results independently

Secured environment

04. Secured environment

A dedicated, private cloud environment (AWS) will be set up to host your IDP model and your data, secured and isolated from other networks and applications

High accuracy rate commitment

05. High accuracy rate commitment

Pay only if we meet the agreed success commitment

Four steps to guaranteed success


Scoping session with your business teams to understand use case, system requirements and data availability


Nexus takes 4-6 weeks to assemble and train the IDP model with regular reporting on progress including milestones reached and red flags


Nexus delivers AI model for you to independently validate technical performance and potential business value; we also present a roadmap for implementation


Rapid Assessment fee is refunded if we fail to meet KPIs; if successful, the fee can be rolled over as credits to offset scaling up to enterprise-level solution

Document Intelligence must-reads

90% Reduction in Processing Time for Personal Account Dealing Compliance

Ensure 100% PAD compliance with automtaed pre and post-approval processes.

90% Reduction in Processing Time for Personal Account Dealing Compliance READ CASE STUDY

80% Reduced Processing Time in Mortgage Lending Quality Assurance

Reduce overhead costs, mitigate risks, and improve employee satisfaction.

80% Reduced Processing Time in Mortgage Lending Quality Assurance READ CASE STUDY


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