*Workshop* How to Kickstart the AI Journey in Your Enterprise

Many corporates understand how important it is to employ AI technologies into their businesses. However, many have trouble knowing where to start.

*Workshop* How to Kickstart the AI Journey in Your Enterprise

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When exploring AI technologies, executives may find themselves lost in the jungle of AI applications which all promise to transform their businesses. This notion, combined with the idea that million dollar investment is needed, oftentimes holds enterprises back from kickstarting their AI initiatives. This results in a delay in their AI adoption journey, making them lag behind their peers.

This interactive workshop will give corporate executives the knowledge and skill-set needed to successfully kickstart and validate AI projects within their businesses. Through lectures from experienced practitioners, hands-on exercises, exchanges with your peers and a deep-dive into a real-life case study, you will return to work with the competencies needed to start turning your business into an AI-ready one.

Course Takeaways:

- Demystify AI technologies and gain an understanding of how to overcome the overstated challenges of AI projects.
- Learn the capabilities of AI and the most important domains that need to be considered when evaluating technology-adoption.
- Create your own AI Business Design in order to evaluate business cases for AI adoption.
- Learn how to not only capture data for AI projects, but also create a complete Data Strategy to maximise the value of AI in your business.
- Learn how to choose and work with an AI vendor to achieve maximum efficiency.

Date: Wednesday, 9 September 2020
Time: 10:00-13:00h BST / 17:00-20:00h SG

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