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Success Story:
Automizing the sales quality process at a large global bank

Discover how we developed machine learning solutions for the automization of the bank’s internal compliance activities to improve the speed and accuracy of their sales quality review process. 

Use Case:
Life insurance claim processing

Using AI to reduce costs, save time, and increase accuracy in the life insurance claiming process to improve customer centricity and increase customer satisfaction.

Nexus Cognitive Document Reader

Unstructured data that requires time to process

PDF and documents

Ex: reports, news, website

Handwritten documents

Ex: signature, memo notes

Images & Videos

Ex: scanned images, documents, video footages

Valuable structured data

Label Structured data
Statement date 31-05-2019
Name Daniel Rozan
Address 42, Kings Road, SW3 5RL
Account number 294057-04-7238
Transaction type CR
Transaction date 25-09-2019
Paid In £6,750.38
Description Transfer from Horizon Ltd.
Other transactions ...........


Increase accuracy

Ensure the quality of your data output with over 99.2% accuracy

Save time

Eradicate inefficient and repetitive processes for good

Free-up capacity

More time means you can focus on problem-solving and creativity

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