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Data waste?
Not on our watch

Our AI Cognitive Document Reader transforms unstructured data of almost any form into structured, usable data with up to 99.2% accuracy.

Nexus Cognitive Document Reader

Unstructured data that requires time to process

PDF and documents

Ex: reports, news, website

Handwritten documents

Ex: signature, memo notes

Images & Videos

Ex: scanned images, documents, video footages

Valuable structured data


Increase accuracy

Ensure the quality of your data output with over 99.2% accuracy

Save time

Eradicate inefficient and repetitive processes for good

Free-up capacity

More time means you can focus on problem-solving and creativity


Get the most efficient ML-Ops instantly lets your team focus on your algorithm implementation with an intuitive platform that helps you manage the UAT and deployment workflow for various environments, as well as on-premises.

Unique Features

Scalable automated DevOps out of the box

You don't need to build infrastructure fulfilling various requirements with a huge cost

On-premises support generates deployment procedures differently depending on clients' own environment

Easy-to-use even for non-engineers

Non-techies won't have to bother DevOps engineers anymore

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We’ve helped companies across all sectors make significant process improvements, expand their revenue stream and improve customer experience.

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