Meet Nexus: Dilpreet Sall – AI and Automation Analyst

Meet Nexus: Dilpreet Sall – AI and Automation Analyst

There’s no question that the success of any company is a direct result of its team…and not to brag, but we have some pretty cool people on ours!

In our Meet Nexus series, we want to spotlight some of our amazing talent and what makes them tick. And first up in our series: Dilpreet Sall, Nexus’ London-based AI and Automation Analyst.

Name: Dilpreet Sal
Location: London, United Kingdom
Role at Nexus: AI and Automation Analyst

An AI and Automation Analyst is experienced in identifying and validating opportunities for automation through the use of technology. We start by identifying pain points and come up with a spectrum of solutions that could solve the problem.

Once we’ve zeroed in on the optimum solution, we sit between business and technical teams to define the solution and make recommendations for how the client should be using the solution going forward.

We also help clients understand the benefit of AI and Automation by building cases and proposals for technologic investment.

I come from a background of working in innovation labs, I’ve seen all sorts of frameworks to take a use case from idea to solution, for a technology like AI I really think this idea of nurturing ideas with a systematic approach is an important one. In fact, the AI factory was developed based on my past experience and the types of conversations Nexus has with our clients.

Solutioning has never been easy, we’ve all heard the story about business and tech teams not seeing eye to eye and requirements not being captured comprehensively. Throw AI into the mix and those existing problems become even more complex, but I love being the translator and coming up with feasible solutions that can be implemented.

The vision and mission of the clients that we work with all impact individuals. I love knowing that our solutions play a small part in this very important work.

My Nexus family! Everyone I work with has a genuine interest in making our startup work. We end up playing many different job roles and im always learning something that helps make me a better consultant.

For players that have a well-articulated AI strategy and a real plan to incubate and experiment with ideas right now – I see AI being adopted just like any other technology. In 5 years I think AI will be seen as a critical success factor rather than a luxury. The two hot-spots that I see enterprise AI really taking off are AI-augmented business operations and AI-augmented customer journeys.

Those that do not have an AI strategy or plan to experiment with AI, may end up accumulating sunk costs of isolated POCs and probably wind up with a big change management piece of work to change perceptions of AI.

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