Financial Spreading

The tedious task of manually processing financial statements is now a thing of the past

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Accelerate Financial Spreading with our Financial Spreading Solution

Our Financial Spreading solution ensures that any processes that can be automated – will be automated. Banks and other financial institutions can therefore save money, time as well as improve the accuracy and coverage of their data processing.

Challenges in Financial Spreading

Employees working at banks and other financial institutions have to regularly & manually extract information from various unstandardised forms of statements into their own standard formats. This is an inefficient and ineffective process for all parties involved, effectively compromising on the quality of other relevant businesses.

  • Slow manual processing time
  • Inconsistent input data
  • Cost-ineffective use of resources

The flow within our Financial Spreading solution

  • Statements Extraction

    Automate the statements extraction process by collecting data of various formats and from multiple sources using Configurable AI models.

  • Spreading Rules Application

    Apply customisable spreading rules to fit the organisations’ needs and objectives. An expert-in-the-loop system is also utilised to improve the process’s accuracy.

  • Flexible Statements Output

    Convert and transfer data to one centralised hub for credit scoring.

We deliver real competitive
advantages to your business

Improve spreading speed

The spreading of data will be automated, removing many repetitive & manual tasks. Employees can therefore allocate their time on other, more important businesses.

Maintain high accuracy

Minimise the necessity of manual data spreading to reduce human errors. Expert-in-the-loop concept is also utilised to address any mistakes made by the AI model.

Seamless integration

Data from Financial Statements can be extracted from any format and they can be automatically submitted to the bank’s internal credit scoring system.

Configurable AI models

Interface can be customised to fit the bank’s specific financial spreading workflow as well as its overall business process.

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