FSX Financial Statement Extractor

Accelerating Accurate Financial Data Extraction –

An intelligent automation tool that uses state-of-the-art AI, available in a SaaS package to accurately extract, validate and integrate financial statement data for your downstream processes.

Accelerated statement extraction by eliminating manual data entry

Over 90% Accuracy and 60% Time Savings

Nexus FSX accelerates financial statement extraction by automating manual processes in financial services workflows. Powered by proprietary AI models, financial data of all forms is more quickly and accurately extracted, validated, and integrated into structured and actionable data for better assessment, analysis and decision-making.


  • Accuracy at
    more than 90%
  • Time saving
    upto 60%
  • 60% reduction
    in manual work


  • Step 1
    multiple files can be uploaded at once.
    he automatically detects scanned data and applies appropriate pre-processing
  • Step 2
    Validation has been made easier for you. you can check, edit and save changes at glance
  • Step 3
    Download or upload system
    Once you are done, you can download the extracted data in CSV or JSON, or simply upload into your system via API


  • Extract data from three main tables of statements

    AI model will detect the Balance Sheet, Income Statement an Cash Flow statement and extract the data for each.

  • Ready to Use

    No need to register a template in advance. just upload your PDF and review data on an AI-Powered Web UI

  • Advanced AI Solution

    We provide bespoke AI Solution beyond extracting from three types of table data (e.g Financial Spreading)

  • Optional Data Correction Service

    Receive extracted data from human Data Operator to ensure guaranted accuracy.

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Nexus FSX is powered by the Nexus AI platform: Podder.

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