FSX Traceable Financial Data at Your Fingertips

Built for investment and credit analysts, Nexus FSX is an AI-augmented financial data processing solution for fast, accurate and trusted analysis of public and private financial statements. Each and every financial data point can be traced back to the original source statement, giving you data you can use and trust.

Eliminate manual data entry and verification

Leverage the power of AI for Automation and Assurance

Powered by proprietary AI models, Nexus FSX extracts, verifies and analyses financial statements of public and private companies accurately and transparently. Because all data is digitally created, a full digital audit trail empowers investors and lenders with greater confidence to make data-driven decisions.


  • Accuracy at
    more than 90%
  • Time saving
    up to 80%
  • 60% reduction
    in manual work

Simple and Intuitive

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3


  • Extract data from three main tables

    Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow

  • Works for Private Companies

    Ingest scanned private companies statements in minutes

  • Download or Integrate

    Download verified data in CSV or JSON, or integrate with your systems via API

  • Customisable spreading

    Map verified reported data into internal credit methodologies with a bespoke solution

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The Nexus AI
Suite of Solutions

Nexus FSX is powered by the Nexus AI platform: Podder.

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