Bespoke AI models

Since no two businesses are the same, we know the importance of customizing our AI models to solve different business problems. Our bespoke model approach makes us agile in designing AI solutions for our clients.

AI Orchestrator

One of the biggest concerns of businesses when talking AI is the complexity of integrating AI/ML applications with their existing infrastructure. That's why along with bespoke AI model development we have built Podder: an AI Orchestrator platform. Podder helps us easily deploy, manage and integrate AI models for clients without interrupting their system.


We’ve helped companies across all sectors make significant process improvements, expand their revenue stream and improve customer experience.


With the increasing customer demand of convenience and quickness, AI technologies have become indispensible tools for banks to step their game up in this highly competitive market.


In an industry that has traditionally been known to be a slow-adopter of innovation, the insurance industry is now poised for major AI disruption.


With the industry’s massive archive of customer data, retail is on its way to reaping some of the biggest benefits AI has to offer, allowing retailers to better target and please their consumer base.


Manufacturers are reaping the benefits of AI, using AI-powered analytics to improve efficiency, workplace safety, and product quality, among other things.


AI is revolutionizing the transport and logistics sector, with companies using both AI and Big Data to optimize performance, lower operational costs and optimize their supply chain management.


AI helps to turn data in medical records, diagnostic data, and medical claims information into cutting-edge insights and predictions to improve the efficiency at heathcare providers and patient-doctor experience

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