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Driving Speed and Precision in Risk Management –

Nexus RAX quickly assesses risk and compliance in a comprehensive and structured way. As a highly configurable and customisable tool, RAX offers industry-best risk management practices that save time and resources, avoiding regulatory breaches and automating workflows in financial, legal, and accounting firms.


AI-powered risk assessment for both corporations and individuals

Eliminate time-consuming and manual work of processing risk identifiers

Aimed at automating the traditionally labour-intensive and time-consuming process of Client/Customer Risk Assessment, RAX will provide an efficient and cost-effective way for companies to perform risk assessments on both individuals & corporations. The tool also provides companies with automated workflows with built-in audit trails to keep track of past risk assessments in a secure and easily accessible environment.

  • Step 1
    The section of Key Risk Indicators included in the risk assessment can be personally tailored to meet the needs of each business
  • Step 2
    User select answers to the KRIs while the risk assessment tool automatically calculates risk rating and dispaly an appropriate recommendation based on the risk score
  • Step 3
    Once a risk assessment is complete. it is logged into our secure cloud based storage

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