LIBOR Transition

Jump-start your transition with an AI-powered solution that can digitise, assess and repaper your documents

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The processes within LIBOR Transition workflows

  • Document Digitisation

    Transition away from LIBOR by digitising various documents to extract key terms and position data.

  • Document Repapering

    Repaper your legacy documents by checking clauses with impacted positions and automatically calculate rate changes and wording changes.

Enhance LIBOR transition with Nexus Intelligent Document Processing

The vast increase in accuracy that artificial intelligence offers when dealing with large volumes of complex agreements is crucial to exploring the market opportunities and mitigating the risks of the transition away from LIBOR.

Challenges in LIBOR transition

Globally, the financial services industry and regulators are focused on efforts to choose and transition to alternative risk-free rates (RFR). Financial institutions must analyse and plan for the impact of a transition away from LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) and expect its decommission to greatly impact most of their business functions.

  • Decentralised data sources
  • Data quality and inconsistencies
  • Complex and dynamic environment

Be a game-changer with us


Easily integrates with legacy systems to enhance a full automation process


Quickly process and verify large volumes of various forms of structured and unstructured data.


Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks, allowing your employees to spend time on anomolies


Learn and adapt to your business rules with expert-in-the-loop feedback

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We deliver real competitive
advantages to your business

Increase accuracy

Eliminate human error, reduce the risk of security threats and data breaches

Boost productivity

Reduce manual intervention and speed up processing times

Reduce costs

Automated solutions delivered 24/7 contribute to corporate-wide cost savings

Free-up capacity

Free up employees’ time to do more valuable work and increase employee satisfaction

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