Banking & Finance

We help free financial institutions from manual and time-consuming processes while improving customer experience

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Leverage the power of intelligent automation to transform your business processes

  • Mortgage Lending

    Reduce claims handling times and increase customer satisfaction with an automated claims processing workflow

  • LIBOR Transition

    Jump-start your transition away from LIBOR with an AI-powered solution that can digitise, assess and repaper your documents.

  • KYC / AML

    Improve customer satisfaction and retention by automating onboarding and KYC processes with AI-powered solutions.

There is a need to transform the Banking & Finance industry

With highly-demanding customers and the rise of fraud, businesses are being forced to find ways to cut down processing time, protect client data, and differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market.

  • Constant changes in laws, rules and regulations
  • Processing huge volumes of data is laborious and time-consuming
  • Strict compliance and data protection regulations
  • Slow back-end processing times that are error-prone, repetitive, and involve varying data formats

Our solutions can help your business prosper


Configurable AI models make it easy to integrate/update regulatory or operational changes into your workflows


A user-friendly platform automates complex business processes handling large volumes of data


AI models quickly learn and adapt to business rules with expert-in-the-loop feedback ensuring regulatory compliance


Advanced data ingestion and processing that is able to extract and structure data in various formats with +95% accuracy

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