Insurance Claims Processing

Reduce claims handling times and increase customer satisfaction with an automated claims processing workflow

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The processes within Insurance Claims Processing

  • Claim Intake Automation

    Automate the claim intake process by collecting and extracting data from multiple sources and pre-screening the data against pre-defined rules.

  • Claim Investigation

    Shorten claim processing time by automatically cross-checking data from multiple sources and flagging out suspicious or anomalous cases that require human intervention.

Enhance Insurance Claiming with Nexus Intelligent Document Processing

The insurance claims process is burdened with slow procedures and even slower payments. With Nexus Intelligent Document Processing, insurance firms can now bring the claims experience into the digital world and process claims faster, improving customer experience.

Challenges in Insurance Claiming

Insurers in today’s climate must determine settlements and flag potential fraud faster than ever to retain already-skeptical buyers. On top of technical challenges, they are also dealing with their customers during emotionally difficult moments.

  • Decentralised data sources
  • Data quality and inconsistencies
  • Time-consuming and laborious process

Be a game-changer with us


Easily integrates with legacy systems to enhance a full automation process


Quickly process and verify large volumes of various forms of structured and unstructured data.


Configurable AI models make it easy to integrate/update regulatory or operational changes more flexibly into your workflows


Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks, allowing your employees to spend time on anomolies

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We deliver real competitive
advantages to your business

Accelerate claim settlement time

Shorten the time of checking and verifying and respond to claims in a timely manner

Boost productivity

Reduce manual intervention and speed up processing times

Reduce costs

Automated solutions delivered 24/7 contribute to corporate-wide cost savings

Free-up capacity

Free up employees’ time to do more valuable work and increase employee satisfaction

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