S.I.X. Sustainability Insights Extrapolator

Smarter and Swifter Sustainability Insights –

Nexus S.I.X. empowers organisations to easily harness AI for efficient ESG data collection, structuring, management and analysis. With a suite of machine-learning features including real-time updates and at-a-glance evaluation, ESG ratings and reports can be swiftly defined, created, and customised for easy comparability and universal benchmarking.

At-a-glance analysis of fragmented and unstructured ESG data

Track, extract, and rate sector- and company-specific news in real time

Nexus S.I.X. is a hybrid cloud-based AI platform that empowers organisations with clear ESG benchmarking and standards to reduce risk in their investment management. Users can configure their own ESG ratings via a hybrid of user-defined automated scoring metrics and fundamental inputs. The system captures both quantitative and qualitative data with audit trails, enhancing transparency for easy comparability, assessment, and decision-making. S.I.X. has multi-language capabilities allowing for customizable global frameworks that can be set against internal priorities.

  • 75% reduction in time and effort
  • 200+ data points for Configurability
  • Automated benchmarking with 99% accuracy rate
  • Enhanced transparency across of 100+ Listed Companies
  • Easy complete set up of internal framework in 1 month, consultation in 3month
Platform features:

-Highly configurable & customisable
-AI-powered extraction of information from supporting documentation
-Risk assessment models that respond to up to date regulatory information
-Automated workflows can be supported with case management
-Built-in audit trails making all key data available to interrogate
-Real-time risk assessment and user dashboards
-Recommendations on next actions (e.g. the tool will recommend the level of due diligence for high-risk individuals/corporations) that can be simplified, standard or advanced

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