Insurance Underwriting

Enhance underwriting capabilities and reduce processing time with our Intelligent Document Processing solution

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The processes within Underwriting workflows

  • Application Processing Check

    Collect, extract, and verify data from multiple sources and automatically populate data into your internal system.

  • Risk Rating

    Our system assigns a risk rating score to your client by verifying data extracted against your internal risk rating policy.

  • Premium Recommendation

    Our solution automatically recommends a premium charge to your clients based on an assigned risk rating.

Enhance Insurance Underwriting with Nexus Intelligent Document Processing

The underwriting process depends on data management and analysis, usually done by humans. With Nexus’s Intelligent Document Processing solution, analysis can be performed faster, generating accurate pricing results and risk assessments.

Challenges in Underwriting

The current process of underwriting is extremely time-consuming. There is often a need for manual intervention, and human decision-making often leads to inconsistency. Many insurance companies are also burdened with outdated technology and processes.

  • Decentralised data sources
  • Data quality and inconsistencies
  • Time-consuming and laborious process

Be a game-changer with us


Easily integrates with legacy systems to enhance a full automation process


Quickly process and verify large volumes of various forms of structured and unstructured data.


Configurable AI models make it easy to integrate/update regulatory or operational changes more flexibly into your workflows


Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks, allowing your employees to spend time on anomolies

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We deliver real competitive
advantages to your business

Accelerate onboarding time

Shorten the time of checking and verifying while enhancing customer experience

Boost productivity

Reduce manual intervention and speed up processing times

Reduce costs

Automated solutions delivered 24/7 contribute to corporate-wide cost savings

Free-up capacity

Free up employees’ time to do more valuable work and increase employee satisfaction

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