Application Digitisation

Take the stress away from complex application processes with AI-powered smart chatbots

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The processes within Application Digitisation workflows

  • Query Handling Automation

    Our smart chatbots automatically reply to questions in the FAQ library, or highlight complex questions to forward directly to officers.

  • Application Automation

    Automate the the form-filling process through simple Q&A communications. New applicant data is automatically updated in your internal client’s information system.

Enhance Application Digitisation with Nexus Intelligent Document Processing

By digitising once paper-based application forms with AI technologies, applicants can have a seamless, no-hassle experience submitting the required information, while regulators can spend their time focusing on higher-value decisions and anomalies.

Challenges in Application digitisation

Online application forms can be a headache for both applicants as well as regulatory officers due to the large amounts of data that needs to be processed in various formats. Missing information, invalid input, and other errors cause unnecessary back-and-forth between officer and applicant and result in slow processing time.

  • Complex form-filling process
  • Data quality and inconsistencies
  • Decentralised data sources

Be a game-changer with us


Assist regulators in handling public enquiries and guiding applicants when submitting application forms


Quickly process and verify large volumes of various forms of structured and unstructured data


Configurable AI models make it easy to integrate/update regulatory or operational changes more flexibly into your workflows


Easily integrates with legacy systems to enhance a full automation process

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We deliver real competitive
advantages to your business

Accelerate application processing time

Make it easy for clients to submit an application or request and officier to quickly take actions on it

Improve customer experience

Enhance the applicant journey with a no-fuss application experience

Reduce costs

Automated solutions delivered 24/7 contribute to corporate-wide cost savings

Free-up capacity

Free up employees’ time to do more valuable work and increase employee satisfaction

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