ESG Investing

Process, analyse and manage large volumes of Environmental, Social and Governance data in real-time

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The processes within ESG Investing

  • Data Collection & Monitoring

    Automate the search for relevant ESG data from multiple sources, such as company reports and news sites

  • Data Parsing

    Our AI models automatically extract, structure and visualise qualitative and quantitative data

  • Analytics

    Identify key insights through AI-powered analytics and benchmarking of comparable companies.

Streamline ESG Investing Processes and Enhance Value Creation

By leveraging our intelligent ESG solutions, users can better apply ESG data and insights to inform investment and engagement decisions, and drive progress towards a more sustainable future.

The ESG Challenge

The highly complex, fragmented and unstructured nature of ESG data has created significant challenges for investors, and other stakeholders, in the processing, consolidation and analysis of data.

  • Large volumes of inconsistent, unstructured ESG data
  • Absence of universal standards and taxonomies
  • Complex and changing regulations
  • Time and effort-intensive processes

Be a game-changer with us


powered by an AI engine trained in core ESG knowledge


uncovers critical insights and provides an information advantage.


for a holistic view of portfolio performance


complement AI models that learn continuously and adapt quickly to changing conditions

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We deliver real competitive
advantages to your business

Break free from paperwork and stay ahead of the game with Intelligent Document Processing

Reduce time & effort

spent on data extraction and structuring

Free-up capacity

to focus on more valuable work

Increased alignment

through solutions that are configured to suit your ESG priorities

Enhance transparency

through the management of external and internal data in one place

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