Nohara Holdings Partners with ZENTA Inc. and Nexus FrontierTech to Launch Free AI-Powered Tool that Converts Floor Plan Information into Data

Nohara Holdings Partners with ZENTA Inc. and Nexus FrontierTech to Launch Free AI-Powered Tool that Converts Floor Plan Information into Data
Tokyo, Japan – VDC (Virtual Design & Construction), a company under Nohara Holdings, has partnered with Building Information Modeling (BIM) and business analytics experts ZENTA and AI solutions firm Nexus FrontierTech to launch a free AI-powered floor plan recognition tool, “TEMOTO”, that is open to the public.TEMOTO automatically estimates and integrates the internal area of a room and converts it into data. The tool leverages powerful AI and machine learning models to dramatically cut cost estimation time and boost accuracy, making cost estimation more efficient.

Cost estimation is an essential part of the construction process because it directly affects the costs of construction projects. In the past, most of the cost estimation work for construction-related companies was done manually, with the person in charge calculating the area of a construction site themselves and inputting it manually into their internal systems. Aside from being time-consuming, this process was also highly prone to humor error. Until now, there was no alternative to this traditional way of working.

ZENTA and Nexus FrontierTech joined forces as experts in their respective domains to develop TEMOTO. ZENTA´s deep knowledge of the construction industry and business analytics expertise and Nexus´s AI model building know-how and development capacity were combined to create a tool that will change cost estimation processes as the industry knows it.


TEMOTO features: 

  • 90%+ accuracy in drawing recognition

When the AI determines that the uploaded drawing can be recognised, the accuracy of the estimate is 90% or higher. The accuracy with which AI can determine that the uploaded drawing is unrecognisable is 100%.

  • Data conversion in <1 hour

If the drawing is recognisable to the AI models, it will be processed and the data will be ready in roughly one hour.

  • Easy operation

After verifying the user’s identity via email, the user simply enters the request information (company name, name, etc.) on the submission screen and uploads the PDF file. Then they select the drawing to be scanned, enter the necessary information, and complete the request. Finally, they just click on the URL.


Usage examples: 

  • General construction companies for estimations
  • Specialised construction companies for construction scale confirmation
  • Real estate management companies for obtaining estimations for restoration work


By providing TEMOTO free of charge, VDC aims to not only further improve cost estimation workflows for construction companies, but promote digital transformation in the domestic construction industry as a whole.

The tool is now open to the public and can be accessed here:


About Virtual Design & Construction Company
The VDC Company is an in-house company organised within Nohara Holdings to promote Virtual Design & Construction incorporating digital technologies such as BIM in the construction industry. Using BIM, the company enables centralised management of information related to design construction, maintenance, etc. for design offices and general contractor customers.  Under their new mission, “CHANGE THE GAME”, the company aims to update the construction industry creatively and interestingly.

About ZENTA Inc.

ZENTA Inc. researches and develops new, practical, industry-specific applications using AI and Big Data analysis technologies. The company’s mission is to develop cutting-edge technologies, including hardware, and to put them to practical use as quickly as possible.

About Nexus FrontierTech

Founded in 2015, Nexus FrontierTech is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions firm that specialises in the automation of data-intensive processes. By building configurable, scalable solutions, Nexus helps businesses to move quickly and efficiently through the data value chain, streamline operations, and tackle the issues of inefficiency and data waste. The Nexus team comprises 100+ AI researchers, practitioners and business leaders across London, Tokyo, Singapore and Hanoi. Find out more at


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