AI-Fundamental ESG Scoring Platform

In this whitepaper, Nexus FrontierTech (“Nexus”) provides a deep dive into the business application and technical details of the award-winning ESG platform, ANAFES, developed as a Proof of Concept (“POC”) in partnership with Chinese industry experts APS Asset Management (“APS”), focusing on companies in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore that issue
equity and equity-related securities.

Readers will understand the business problems inherent with current ESG data systems, and gain insight into how AI-driven data analysis can be deployed as part of an investment process. Some interesting findings from Nexus’ research into China’s ESG space will also be presented.

As the paper will show, Nexus has successfully proven both the technological success and commercial viability of ANAFES for those that have a significant interest in China-listed companies. Moving forward, expansion of this platform would greatly benefit the asset management community, by accelerating the ease of adoption of ESG investing.

AI-Fundamental ESG Scoring Platform