The Road to Automation

The Road to Automation

Machine Learning. Data science. Natural language processing.

These buzzwords are taking over the internet but to the vast majority of us the breakthroughs they are achieving simply seem like magic. As all processes – mundane to complicated – become automated, it is increasingly important to decode the magic and truly understand how technology works. Let’s look at this in greater depth through Nexus S.I.X – our latest solution extrapolating sustainability insights and uncover how we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help improve the process.

What issues is ESG facing right now?

In accordance with the various ESG frameworks or internal guidelines, companies have started disclosing their data – whether about their carbon emissions, diversity numbers or community engagement efforts. However, organising this information into a usable and comparable format remains an issue. Data is strewn across different documents, some of it is unavailable and a lot of it is unstructured. 

How do we solve this?

Leveraging AI to structure the vast amount of unstructured ESG data is no easy task. The initial process still relies on manual processes such as extracting relevant data from the files, annotating the documents and verifying the data. These form the initial sets of information used to answer key questions that the investor wants to understand. 

So, what will happen in the future?

Being an AI company, it makes sense to do some predictive analysis. As we feed more information and the model keeps learning, its accuracy will improve and we will be able to use the AI track as our main medium of extraction. The algorithm will not only be able to extract relevant numerical information but also know what score to assign it and assess how the score should be changed when new developments concerning it appear in the news. 

Join us as we move steadily along this automation journey. 

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