What do companies look for when hiring top tech talent?


“The top Tech Talent is what all employers are fighting for at the moment as there is more demand than talent. So we actually want to ask ourselves: What does Tech Talent look for in order to choose one company over another? Indeed, with Tech roles, it is very common that candidates in the final stages of interviews will have at least one another competing offer. Being a start-up, we can’t always compete on salary so what can we do? Well, our ethos at Nexus is that we want to make the candidates want to become part of the team. We want them to be excited to work for us. Of course, benefits are great, work flexibility too, stock-options, but ultimately, what makes Tech people tick is… well, the Tech! So we train our technical hiring teams not in asking a lost of standard questions but to have a conversation with the candidates and share their passion for technology and the work they do at Nexus, from the first HR screen to the offer stage, we are speaking about what it’s like to work with us. We’re transparent and honest about the challenges and potential rewards.

To go back to the original question, what makes a Tech hire truly great is strangely their non-technical skills: particularly resilience, problem-solving abilities and communication skills. More and more candidates have strong technical skills, but they only add big value to a company if combined with even stronger problem-solving and communication skills.”

Celine Cabesos

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