Nexus Intelligent Document Processing

Nexus Intelligent Document Processing

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In the financial services industry, data is a key strategic asset and source of value. Despite the fact that data is becoming available in exponentially larger volumes, many companies struggle to utilise data to enhance their business strategies and operations. While there is growing recognition of the need to become more data-orientated, a majority of companies have not created a data-driven organisation. Instead, many are still manually processing data, resulting in high costs, low efficiency, a risk of miscompliance and customer dissatisfaction.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) provides a solution to the problem of messy data-handling. IDP is a form of process automation which uses AI models to convert data across documents into a more useful format and to streamline document processing. This is essential for organisations to stay competitive since data is, now more than ever, a key strategic asset to inform and empower decision-making.

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